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How I Used SEO For My Website



One of the first things we did during the first tasks of working together with a client on a search engine optimization or SEO project is to perform a thorough SEO analysis.  There are times when we cannot give a price for SEO unless we have done an analysis. The first reason why we prefer to do it this way is because every website is different. Every client that owns a website has a different need. Second, we do not have an idea what we are dealing with by just looking at the website one time. We need to look at it thoroughly and discuss what the client needs. Lastly and most importantly, we spend a huge amount of time doing the analysis, since it is the critical part of putting together an SEO plan for a website.



While this does not appear as a revelation to you, it surprises me to see companies that do not perform SEO analysis. 

Another thing that I do not understand is the standard single page of statistics that some experts refer as analysis. I believe in looking at the entire SEO picture. There is no magic or quick formula to optimizing a website. There is no secret formula to the winning combination either. However, there are a few foundational aspects of a good, basic SEO and one of those is conducting analysis. I do not want to sound like a spy but I do check on my competition. One technique that I use is getting other sites to perform a free SEO analysis on my own site. That way, I become aware of how others do their SEO analysis and compare it with my own techniques.